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Updated: Feb 1

Our leadership team is passionate about keeping Avalon a safe yet fun place to live. Getting through the winter months with mental wellness may require a large dose of fun-filled activities and socializing among residents and staff. We are extremely thankful that our strata approved the installation of plexi-barriers on the dining room tables and other locations. This measure along with mask-wearing may help us safely weather the fall/winter spikes in COVID-19.

To learn more about the provincial order, please read the directive here.

Dr. Bonnie’s new restrictions directly affect Avalon in the following ways until further notice:


Trust: The following boundaries require an abundance of trust that we are all complying with Dr. Bonnie’s new order. Residents, families, staff, care aides; we are all required to follow the health order.

  • Residents may not enter other households. Just like the rest of us British Columbians, the Avalon community is not permitted to partake in a social gathering (outdoors or in private households). Again, residents may not visit their family’s homes.

  • Social visits: Family & friends may not take place inside Avalon with residents. On Monday, Dec. 7, 2020, the provincial health authority reiterated that there is a ban on gatherings from people outside your household including outdoor & restaurant gatherings.

  • Assistance to medical appointments remains permissible currently.

  • Approved caregivers: One family member already approved as caregivers may be able to enter. Please REPLY ALL to list the tasks you provide. This will help us assess the frequency of that essential care.

  • Mask wearing: Please don your mask properly (chin & nose sealed with mask) in Avalon and in your parents' suite. Please model speaking slowly & loudly to compensate for the lack of lip reading. Your help & respectful support in this manner will be appreciated as anyone can unknowingly bring COVID-19 into the building.

  • Fresh air walks: As long as social distancing takes place; fresh air walks together are permitted. Please book these walks in advance, notifying Avalon’s Reception, based on the weather report.


  • Activities will continue but some in an altered fashion, especially if an outside volunteer has been involved.

  • Activity leaders who are not residents or staff will not be permitted into Avalon at this time. In their place virtual activities (e.g. hymn sign) and other adaptations are currently being coordinated. Please see Lauren for more details.

  • Bus trips have been cancelled.


  • In accordance with the BC Health regulations residents may continue shopping in Murrayville, however, we highly recommend that they take advantage of IGA’s delivery service to decrease their risk of exposure to COVID-19.

  • Residents may still go for outdoor walks around Avalon. We encourage this barring slippery weather conditions.


  • Residents must leave their suite during their weekly light housekeeping services. We provide a chair to sit on in the hallway if the resident prefers to remain nearby.

  • If residents are unable or unwilling to leave their suite for the duration of the cleaning, their housekeeping services will not take place that week. This skipped service is not transferable to another time.

We are all experiencing covid-fatigue, yet there is so much we can be thankful for.

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