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Frequently asked

Do you offer complimentary Trial Stays?

At Avalon Gardens we understand that choosing a retirement community is a major decision. We want you to feel comfortable and at home here. A trial stay offers the perfect option to experience our friendly, caring staff and residents first hand. Who knows, you may even make a new friend or two!

Please call our marketing coordinator @ 604-546-3130 for more information.

What does Independent Supportive Living services include for my loved one? 

Avalon Gardens is an Independent Living Condominium for those - whether elderly or physically challenged - needing a bit more help with maintaining well-balanced nutrition and housecleaning. Our staff support also comes in the form of 24/7 staff presence to provide comfort while awaiting 911 emergency services. We are a people centered community that is guided by the Eden Alternative philosophy. Our goal is to inspire residents to live out their days with passion and sharing their talents with others. 

Does Avalon Gardens have health care aides or a nurse on-site? 

Any health care aide assistance: medication administration, personal care and dressing changes, etc. are carried out by family members and/or agencies from outside of Avalon. All Health Care Aides are independently sought by resident families. 

Avalon Gardens is fortunate to have a part-time nurse (RN) provide wellness seminars for the Avalon community, follow-up of emergency incidents, as well as assisting as a liaison with new doctor or other medical introductions. In addition, health care education is her ongoing role for equipping our team of residents and staff. 

Can government subsidies be obtained when living at Avalon Gardens? Who is it owned by? 

Avalon Gardens is a strata corporation, owned by both residents and outside landlords. Unfortunately, government subsidies do not qualify. 

Are pets welcome? 

Well-behaved pets are welcome members of our community, bringing great joy to the majority. We believe that pets provide warm companionship and daily routines to enhance overall wellness. Animals must be cared for by the resident, a family member or friend in order to keep the suite, common area (both indoors & outdoors) and the pet clean and sanitary. As a courtesy to others, the Avalon bylaws state that pets must be kept on a leash or in a carrier when in the common areas. Vaccinations must be kept up to date. 

If I make this move, will I have to move again? 

In every instance we will do our utmost to provide you with the service that you require. We recognize that people's needs may change over time and we've designed both our residences and our services to accommodate those changing needs. However, if a resident's needs change, we will work with them and their families to determine the best and most appropriate options available. 

What furniture do I bring?

You provide your own furniture, allowing you the pleasure of personalizing your décor with your own treasures and/or enjoying the excuse to go shopping. Please refer to our detailed suite styles to decide which furniture pieces your selected suite style will accommodate if a downsizing process is involved. 

May I have family and friends join me for a meal? 

Most's your home!  We welcome family and friends. As a courtesy to the chef we ask that you please offer notice that they are coming. A very reasonable charge for guest meals will be placed on your monthly invoice. 

What if I don't like what's for dinner? 

It is totally natural to have likes & dislikes. With that in mind our menu includes two soup and entrée options daily.  Our meal plan is extremely flexible.  You are most welcome to attend lunch instead of dinner on any given day.  In addition, the beauty of having full-sized kitchens in every suite allows you the freedom to pick up a few groceries from the neighbouring grocery store or call out for a delivery from one of our local restaurants.

What about my dietary needs? 

We do our best to cater to your unique dietary requirements. We care. You are likely not alone in your requests. Diabetic and gluten-free needs are thoughtfully considered for our monthly menu. 


Contact us today to schedule a personal tour of Avalon Gardens and advice on your needs.

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