Avalon Safe
Move in Protocol

We are committed to ensuring the ongoing health and safety of you, our residents and our staff. When planning your move in, here is what we ask of you:


Hand Hygiene

Please use the hand sanitizing stations as you enter and exit the residence.



Please provide your own mask and wear at all times while in the building.


Temperature Check

We will take your temperature with an infrared thermometer. If it exceeds 38 degrees, we will have to reschedule the move.


Social Distance

Please maintain appropriate social distance between yourself, staff and other residents.



You will be using either the East side or West side elevator during a specified designated time. No more than two individuals are permitted in the elevator at one time.



Please expect to spend the first 4 days self-isolating in your suite. During this time meals will be delivered to your suite and housekeeping will resume after this period of isolation is completed. Please do not visit common spaces until after your isolation period is completed.